Monday, August 23, 2010

August 16 - 2 weeks old

Two weeks ago, our lives were changed forever. Your prayers and support have
kept Sarah and I going through this difficult time. Today, I get to
share progress over the weekend, which is such a blessing. We know you are
happy for us for the progress, but we also hope that you also feel peace in
seeing God at work by answering the prayers of so many.

Sunday morning her creatinine level dropped 24% from Saturday's level. The
nephrologist was again surprised and pleased and cut her dialysis in half from
every hour for 24 hours to every hour from 6AM to 6PM. So great to get give my
baby girl a bottle last night with no tubes or hoses attached to her. This
morning, after no dialysis overnight, her creatinine dropped a tiny bit, but any
drop is good so they are going to keep her on 12 hours for now. It is still too
early to tell if her kidneys or the dialysis is doing the work, but pleased with
the progress nonetheless. Total drop in creatinine in four days: 66%.

After a full day of huge bottles at each feeding Saturday, Sarah was able to
nurse PK twice yesterday. To everyone's pleasure, PK was a champ enjoying
getting her food straight from the tap. The number of times Sarah can nurse
will increase based on the assessment by the occupational therapist. Overall
very promising.

Right now, it is really up to the kidneys on when we can come home. We are
still looking at a couple of weeks until there is enough data to determine the
plan for discharge, so I am once again back at work and we are trying to get
into a groove on schedules up at the hospital and at home with Luke. Parents
are very involved at the NICU. We are not only are we feeding her, but we
change her diapers, take her temperature at each feeding, and help the nurses
with anything they need so we can get prepared for bringing her home. Being
with her is important for us.

I was reminded by a friend, that I need to add a prayer request that the areas
where the catheder goes into her abdomen stay free of infection. This is a risk
with this type of dialysis so you will see that added.

The Prayers:
1. Pray that Porter's kidneys kick into full gear so that the dialysis is

2. Pray that creatinine level continues to drop so we can get to a normal level.
3. Pray that the seizures were an isolated incident and do not return.
4. Pray that areas where the dialysis catheder enter her abdomen stay free of

5. Pray that Porter has the strength and determination only God can give to keep

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