Monday, August 23, 2010

August 2 - She's here

Our beautiful daughter, Porter Kate Lary, has arrived!

August 2nd at 8:45 pm, 8 lbs 5 oz, 21 1/4 inches.

She desperately needs prayer - please join us in seeking the Lord's healing and protection.

Porter arrived via an emergency C-section after her heart rate dropped in half suddenly. She was not breathing and needed CPR, a breathing tube and many blood transfusions. We almost lost her and are so incredibly thankful to God that she is alive.

However, she is still very much in the woods. She was rushed to the NICU and has been there since the delivery. We have been told there is a long road ahead and have no guarantees - it's hour by hour.

The NICU docs have been running many, many tests and she is set to have scans of her brain and vtial organs today to see any damage from the lack of blood she experienced before delivery.

I feel like we are living in a weird, heartbreaking dream. I keep thanking the Lord that she is alive, but please join with us to pray that her brain and organs are perfect. We believe God has already performed amazing things and know he will hear us and save our precious daughter.

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