Monday, August 23, 2010

August 6 - Seizures

This morning we witnessed a troubling setback. Porter had some seizure activity
as Sarah and I were visiting her. Not 10 minutes before that, the doctor was
pleased with her progress from the warming up process and the fear that Sarah
and I had spent days creating was beginning to melt away. Her urine output had
significantly increased, although not where they want it, but improving and her
movements were consistent with a baby on the mend.

This is a rather large setback. They are about to do an MRI on her brain
(12:45ish) and will do another EEG (brain activity) after that (1:30ish). We
will then talk to the pediatric neurologist this evening or tomorrow about the

1. Please pray that the MRI and EEG all come back clear

2. Please pray for no more seizure activity

3. Please continue to pray for Porter's kidneys as they still have a long way to

Love you all,

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