Monday, August 23, 2010

August 20 - Tenth of a point

Just as an FYI, since we are only are watching one number at this point (albeit
a very important number), I have decided that I will dial back the frequency by
which I am sending updates. If something unexpected happens requiring prayerful
intervention, then you will surely be notified, but I will let everyone know how
the weekend went on Monday.

Praise God, the creatinine dropped .2 to 1.4 today. I guess she decided that
she needed to get this back on track and jump two tenths after the stall earlier
in the week. In speaking with the nephrologist this morning, he said that at
1.0 they will probabaly further dial back the dialysis and see what happens. We
are hopeful that we will reach this milestone early next week.

It is funny to think how much impact .1 has on our day, but if you or your
children have ever been critically ill and get test results daily, then you know
what I mean. I need to not get so wrapped up on a tenth of a point and enjoy
each moment I have with Porter because although she is still very sick, she is a
completely different baby then where she was two and a half weeks ago. I hope
everyone has a blessed weekend.

The Prayers:
1. Pray that creatinine level drops to the normal level of .4.
2. Pray that Porter's kidneys kick into full gear so that the dialysis is

3. Pray that the seizures were an isolated incident and do not return.
4. Pray for strength for Sarah. We are in our third week of going to the NICU
every day and, now that she is nursing, Sarah has been spending a lot of time up
there. It is beginning to be a grind and we still have weeks to go.

5. Pray that Porter has the strength and determination only God can give to keep


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