Monday, August 23, 2010

August 3 - Off the ventilator

First, thank you for your continued prayers. It is such a blessing to have
support like this. I am a complete basket case, and know that with each email
or text my eyes fill with tears of joy and I am calmed with peace.

Biggest praises: As of this afternoon she is now off the ventilator and I was
able to hear her cry for the first time and give her a pacifier. I had never
wanted to hear a baby cry so much in my entire life. She continues to be a
feisty girl, just like her momma, which pleases the doctors and nurses on her
progress. Your prayers at work!!!

Biggest prayers: Please pray that she remains off of the ventilator. She also
had an EEG today which measures brain activity, please pray for the positive
results of that test. Also, pray for continued progress as the doctors and
nurses attempt to level out each of her "levels" (i.e. blood, glucose, etc...).

Info on the treatment:
She lost a lot of blood so they are continuing giving her platelets and plasma
as needed. They have also cooled her body temperature to 33.5 degrees Celsius
(down 3 degrees Celsius from normal), This is a fairly new treatment (within the
last few years) which is basically treatment through induced hypothermia which
attempts to reduce death or disability in babies which have the same experience
as Porter.

Your prayers are working,

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