Monday, August 23, 2010

August 4- 36 hours later

Morning Everyone,

The EEG (brain activity) results came back with negative signs for seizures
which is a blessing. Her baseline brain activity was lower than normal, but
that can be common with babies in her cooled state, so not bad news, not good
news, but hopeful news. Please continue to pray that her brain heals completely.

Her kidneys are not processing the fluid as the doctors and nurses would like,
so they are giving her medicine to help her with that. Please pray that her
kidney function improves.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that although it feels like an eternity, it
has only been 36 hours. Although we have seen dramatic improvements there is
still a long road ahead and the improvements are likely to take longer to

I don't think we are ready for visitors as we are still in shock of the
situation, but please keep the emails and texts coming, we get encouragement
from each of them, even if we don't respond. Thank you all for your continued
prayers. I know the reason why the doctors and nurses continue to remain
cautiously optimistic is due to your's and our answered prayers.

The Larys

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