Monday, August 23, 2010

August 5 - Bringing her out of hypothermia

Hello all,

Porter had a good night with little activity, which is good. A praise is that
her urine output has increase so everyone is pleased with that. It is so
evident that the Lord is answering our prayers from yesterday in this latest
development. We are still waiting for certain kidney levels to plateau, so our
biggest prayer right now is that her kidney function will continue to improve
and return to normal very soon.

Tonight around 9:30PM they will begin bringing her out of the induced
hypothermia. This will take all night as they raise her temperature around .5
degrees celsius per hour. Then there is more waiting. Please pray that this
process goes smoothly and that her other functions which have been brought back
to or are moving toward normal, stay that way. We will be praying for this at
9:30 tonight and would love for you to pray at that time as well.

I really cannot express what your support means to us. Sarah and I look at each
other and just talk about how blessed we are to have so many people praying for
us. Short updates are positive so I will get back to taking care of my girls.


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